Site Notes

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Movies released with multiple titles will appear in the index under each title.  They will be listed on the appropriate movie page under their
original or most prominent title.

A title on the movie page followed by a year in parenthesis means a movie with the same title was released in another year.

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Links to purchase a movie on  amazon-btn  were
correct, working, and Amazon had the movie when the link was set up.  If there is no link to for a particular movie, it means that it is not available there.  Some movies are available on only in PAL (European) format.  These are imports and will not play on most American DVD players.  In such a case, it is noted before the link on the movie page.  If you must have the movie, multi-region DVD players can be amazon-btn
bought fairly cheaply.  Like this Samsung model →

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IMDb is a registered trademark of the Internet Movie Database, though they’ve dropped all that now and it’s just IMDb.
The IMDb ratings  IMDB 6-5   on the movie pages are rounded to the nearest half star.  The IMDb ratings on this site are static and do not change regularly as they do on the IMDb site.  If a movie has no IMDb rating, it is either too new, or too rare to have the minimum number of votes required.

purple scroll also rates the movies they sell.  Sometimes the ratings on the two sites are dramatically different.  Just because a movie has a high rating does not mean you will like it.  And just because a movie has a low rating does not mean you will not like it.  The reviews on Amazon shed light on why a movie is rated high or low.