Vampire Movies 2014 – 2016


Black Water Vampire – A group of young film makers try to exonerate a man unjustly convicted of a series of brutal murders in the black water woods when they stumble into the killer they were looking for.  A vampire.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Bullitt and the Curse of the Blood Ring – In order to stop a Vampire’s murderous rampage; Bullitt, a paranormal investigator must find and return the blood ring to its rightful owner before everyone he knows and loves is killed.     amazon-btn

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night – In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk – A deviant, adulterous, shape-shifting Transylvanian vampire aristocrat & super creep is tearing Bremen a new corn-hole & it’s up to a ‘brotha-in-a-collar’ and a creole nun with a flamin’ gun, to stop him.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Reverend  –  Starts with the Biblical book of Job.  Makes references to Job throughout.  A sincere reverend is turned into a vampire and becomes a vigilante, killing evil men and setting their victims free.  Stars Rutger Hauer.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

The Sins of Dracula – When Billy, a young man of faith, joins the local theater group, he finds teenagers involved in all manner of vice and a cult of Devil worshipers who are hell-bent on resurrecting Dracula.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Summer of Blood – A middle aged man with a good job but no ambition doesn’t answer when his girlfriend proposes.  She starts seeing an old flame which makes him want her.  He tries dating others but he is basically a loser until a vampire enters his life.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Academy  –  The Hogwarts of the vampire world.  Two 17 year olds on the run for a year are caught and returned to St. Vladimir’s Academy.  One, a meek vampire princess, tries to regain her status.  The other, a half vampire, guardian in training, will do anything to protect her friend from jealous and spiteful peers.  The action also involves evil, bloodthirsty vampires who want to destroy the academy and kill everyone inside.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn


Bite School – Written, Directed, and stars James Balsamo.  Low budget independent film.  When a playboy millionaire loses his money, he has to go to night school for his GED.  But he runs afoul of the lesbian mafia and is chased by a horde of vampires.  Features Ron Jeremy.  IMDB 7-5   amazon-btn

Blood Reunion 2:  Madeline – One year after the end of the first movie. Bridgette is returning home.  The vampire, Morgan Locke, is still spreading the plague of vampirism wherever he goes.  IMDB 4-5

Blood Reunion 3:  Hunters – The hunters are still on Morgan Locke’s trail. As the latest closes in on him he finds an unlikely ally: one of Locke’s victims, out for vengeance on the powerful vampire.     amazon-btn

Destiny:  The Vampire Mermaid – 2 shorts featuring a vampire mermaid.  Episode 1: FA vampire mermaid and her team search for the Heart of Atlantis. they must prevent the remnants of the Home Guard from seizing the Heart and destroying the entire world.  Episode 2: While escaping, Destiny is knocked unconscious when trying to rescue her friends.  She flashes back to when she tangled with Frankenstein’s Monster.     amazon-btn

Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills will never be the same after the Dracula family moves into the neighborhood. As the bodies begin the pile up, it becomes clear that vampires are making a meal out of Society’s upper crust.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Tales of Dracula – Dracula returns home to rejuvenate and find a bride, but Dr. Victoria Frankenstein plans to use the blood of his intended to realize her grandfather’s dream of creating a monster.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Teeth and Blood – A diva actress is murdered on set. Meanwhile, the city’s blood supply is mysteriously being depleted. Two detectives go undercover to crack the mystery of their lives in a vampire-infested studio.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn