Vampire Movies 1922 – 1973


Nosferatu  – Original title – “Nosferatu, eine Sumphonie des Grauens“  First movie made based on Bram Stoker’s novel.  A real estate agent sent to Transylvania to sell Count Orlok (Max Schreck) a house in Wisbourg is double crossed and killed.  The Count then goes after his wife.    IMDB 8  amazon-btn


Dracula  –  A more accurate take on Stoker’s tale.  The characters are well developed.  Instead of a hideous monster, Dracula is the smooth, well dressed, debonair Bela Lugosi.  He brings Renfield, the realtor, back to England with him.  Dracula has hypnotic powers and can transform into a bat or a wolf.  He quotes from Leviticus 17:11 – “The life is in the blood.”     IMDb 7-5    amazon-btn


The Vampire Bat  – When the villagers of Klineschloss start dying of blood-loss, the town fathers suspect a resurgence of vampirism.  Co-stars Fay Wray of “King Kong” fame.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn


Mark of the Vampire  –  When a nobleman is murdered, a professor of the occult (Lionel Barrymore – who also played Mr. Potter in “It’s a Wonderful Life“) blames the local count, long dead and now a vampire (Bela Lugosi), and his daughter (Who looks like Morticia from the Adams family).  Surprise twist of an ending.  Remake of the, now lost, silent movie:  “London by Midnight.”  IMDB 6-5 amazon-btn


Dracula’s Daughter  –  Begins where Stoker’s story ends.  Van Helsing faces prosecution for the murder of Count Dracula until the body is stolen and cremated.  Bloodless corpses start appearing around London as a Hungarian countess visits a psychiatrist to help rid her of a mysterious evil influence.   IMDB 6-5amazon-btn


Dead Men Walk  –  A mad scientist turns himself into a vampire and goes after his twin brother and his friends.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

The Return of the Vampire  –  During a German bombing raid, an errant bomb on a London cemetery opens Dracula’s (Bela Lugosi) hidden grave.  The workers sent in to clean up pull the stake out of his heart, bringing him back to life.  He assumes the identity of a prominent doctor and sets out to destroy the descendants of his attackers.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn


The Vampire  –  A mad scientist working on mind regression develops a mind control pill extracted from vampire bats but dies before he can tell anyone.  The town doctor accidentally takes one of the pills and becomes a vampire.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn


Blood of the Vampire  –  A man and his wife are terrorized by a mad scientist/vampire who was executed with a stake through his heart but came back to life after a heart transplant.  Originally black and white, now available in a colorized version.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Horror of Dracula  –  AKA “Dracula“  –  A male librarian goes to work for Dracula and winds up a vampire.  Then Dracula goes after his fiancee and her family.  Christopher Lee’s first appearance as Dracula.  IMDB 7-5   amazon-btn

The Return of Dracula  –  A vampire kills an eastern European man on the journey to America.  He then impersonates the man to his distant relatives, draining the blood of the locals while searching for a suitable virgin’s blood to ensure his long life.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn


Atom Age Vampire  –  A stripper is horribly disfigured in a car accident.  A brilliant scientist develops a treatment that restores her beauty and then falls in love with her.  But he is a monster that kills women for their body parts.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn

Blood and Roses  –  Italian movie based on the novel “Carmilla.”  A young girl, familiar with the vampire legends about her ancestor, discovers the vampire’s tomb.  The vampire, her twin, kills her, assumes her identity and carries on with the family.  First Lesbian Vampire movie.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

The Brides of Dracula  –  Vampire hunter Van Helsing returns to Transylvania to destroy handsome bloodsucker Baron Meinster, who has designs on a beautiful young schoolteacher named Marianne.   IMDB 7  amazon-btn

The Playgirls and the Vampire –  Italy “L’ultima Preda del Vampiro” – Five beautiful showgirls are trapped by a storm and find refuge in a creepy old castle. The owner of the castle, a strange nobleman, has a secret laboratory in the basement and has his own plans for the girls.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn


Goliath and the Vampires  –  A band of soldier/raiders are controlled by a zombie-like, vampire leader who feeds them with the blood of their captives.  They kidnap Goliath’s girlfriend, so he journeys to their land to free the captives and kill the vampires.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn


The Kiss of the Vampire  –  The first of several movies with this name.  This one directed by Don Sharp and stars Clifford Evens and Edward de Sousa.  When car trouble strands a honeymoon couple that ignored the warnings to stay clear of a certain castle, the aristocratic family living in the castle reaches out to help them.  They discover too late that the family are vampires.   IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn


Crypt of the Vampire  –  Italy “La Cripta e l’Incubo” – AKA “Terror in the Crypt” – Christopher Lee plays Count Ludwig von Karnstein who is afraid, with all the mysterious deaths happening in the family, that his daughter is being possessed by an ancestor who placed a curse on the family at the time of her execution.  Based on the novel “Carmilla.”   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Slaughter of the Vampires  –  Italy “La Strage dei Vampiri” – AKA “Curse of the Blood Ghouls.”  A couple is attacked by vampires on their honeymoon.  The wife falls under the spell of the vampire while her husband remains clueless.  Fortunately, a doctor with vampire experience arrives to save the day.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn


Blood Thirst  –  AKA “Blood Seekers” AKA “The Horror from Beyond.”  A sex crime specialist from New York travels to the Philippines to help his friend, a Manila PD Homicide detective, solve a series of bizarre, blood-letting, murders.  The case revolves around a nightclub run by a mysterious alluring woman.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Devils of Darkness  –  On vacation in France, the disappearance of several people leads a doctor to expose an aristocratic gentleman (Lon Cheney as Dr. Sinistre) as the leader of a vampiric, satanic cult that practices human sacrifice.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn


Dracula:  Prince of Darkness  –  Adventure seeking travelers from England are warned by a priest to stay away from a certain town and the nearby castle of Count Dracula, but they ignore him and find themselves a target of the vampire and his accomplices.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn


Blood of the Virgins  –  Argentina  “Sangre de Vírgenes” – A jilted vampire kills his competition and turns his would be girlfriend into a vampire.  A century later, the pair make a feast of a group of young people who decide to hang out in their “haunted” castle.    IMDB 4-5 amazon-btn

The Fearless Vampire Killers – A noted professor and his dimwitted assistant visiting a Romanian castle try to rescue a beautiful young woman who was abducted by a vampire, but when they venture into his castle, they become his prey.  A Roman Polanski film starring his wife, Sharon Tate (murdered by the Charles Manson “family”).  IMDB 7-5   amazon-btn

A Taste of Blood  –  A mild American businessman, receives an odd inheritance in the mail: two bottles of ancient brandy which, unknown to him, also contain the blood of his ancestor, Count Dracula! Despite the foreboding of his wife, he drinks the brandy and slowly turns into a pasty-faced vampire. He then sets out on an odyssey to kill the descendants of Dracula’s executioners.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

The Vampire Woman – Iran’s first vampire movie – A young girl falls for a visiting man, but he returns to the city and forgets her.  He has an affair with a married woman and drops her.  The two women plot revenge for him that involves a curse and vampires.  IMDB 6-5


Dracula has Risen from the Grave  –  When his castle is exorcised, Dracula plots his revenge against the Monsignor who performed the rite.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

The Rape of the Vampire  –  France  “Le Viol du Vampire” – Jean Rollin film – four beautiful French women, who are led to believe that they are vampires, are being held up in a seaside chateau. One by one, they are murdered by the townsfolk. They are resurrected from the dead and joined by ”The Queen of the Vampires”. Part of a trilogy that also includes Requiem for a Vampire and Shiver of the Vampires.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn


Blood of Dracula’s Castle  –  A couple inherit an old castle in Europe which is leased to an elderly couple who have a servant at the time.  Upon visiting the castle, they soon discover women chained to the walls in the dungeon and the elderly couple are vampires.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Dracula (The Dirty Old Man)  –  Dracula enslaves Dr. Jekyl and turns him into a semi werewolf, then he forces Jekyl to capture young women and bring them to his cave in L.A.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Fangs of the Living Dead  –  Spain “Malenka” – AKA “The Vampire’s Niece” – A beautiful virgin inherits a castle, but when she arrives at it, she finds that the inhabitants include a strange nobleman and a bevy of beautiful women she suspects may be vampires.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Santo and Dracula’s Treasure  –  “Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula” – Mexican folk hero Santo sends a volunteer back in time to find Dracula’s treasure.  A competitor in a mask is after the same thing.   IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn


Bite Me Darling – German  “Beiss Mich, Liebling” AKA “The Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman” AKA “Love Vampire Style“.  A descendant of Dracula returns to his ancestral village to take vengeance on the people who killed him.   IMDB 4-5

Bloodsuckers – British, Original Title  “Incense for the Damned”  AKA “Freedom Seekers“.  A group of friends search for an Oxford student who was doing research in Greece and find him a hypnotized prisoner of a female vampire.  The friends manage to spirit him away back to England, unaware that he’s harboring vampiric tendencies himself!  Stars Peter Cushing and Patrick Macnee.  IMDB 4  amazon-btn

The Body Beneath  –  A family of vampires, led by their patriarch family pastor, takes over an estate and looks for new sources to expand their bloodline and put an end to the inbreeding that is occurring.   IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Count Dracula  –  Directed by independent horror king Jess Franco and stars Chistopher Lee, Klaus Kinski, and Jack Taylor.  Based closely on Bram Stoker’s novel.  Christopher Lee’s best portrayal of the count.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Count Yorga, Vampire  –  Original title The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire”  A modern vampire lures young women impressed with his moniker to his Los Angeles estate.  Their ditched boyfriends recruit a vampire hunter to kill the Count.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Hell’s Bloody Devils – Bikers rumble into Las Vegas for kicks and to raise hell and chaos. But get more then they bargained for when they run up against a neo-Nazi group, as well as casino Mafia wise-guys, and a wannabe vampire.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

The Horrible Sexy Vampire  –  Spain “El Vampiro de la Autopista“.  A cursed castle is haunted by a vampire long deceased.  On the appointed anniversary the vampire awakens to start a killing spree.  He spares his grandson, however.  IMDB 4

The Nude Vampire  –   France “La Vampire Nue” – A Jean Rollin film.  A wealthy scientist and his associates run a suicide cult designed to feed an orphaned mute vampire girl.  Trouble starts when his son finds out and threatens to call the police.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Scars of Dracula  –  Christopher Lee’s 5th time to portray Dracula, though he said he wouldn’t play him again after the Franco film.  Dracula’s bat ally spits blood on his smoldering remains to bring him back to life.  A young man exploring the castle is killed by Dracula.  The man’s brother and his girl show up at the castle to find the man but discover they must fight the vampire.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Taste the Blood of Dracula – Three elderly distinguished gentlemen are searching for some excitement in their boring bourgeois lives.  In a nightly ceremony, they restore Count Dracula to life. Stars Christopher Lee.   IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn

The Vampire Lovers  –  The house-guest of a countess bites a local general’s daughter, turning her into a vampire.  The two vampire women then begin a killing spree which gets the locals all stirred up.   IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn


Count Erotica: Vampire  –  The final 2 reals were never released so the movie ends abruptly.  The first half of the released part is a fairly explicit lesbian love scene between a vampire and her victim.  The vampire then awakens the count and attacks her stooge.  IMDB 5

Countess Dracula – An aging countess discovers that bathing in the blood of virgins restores her youth.  She poses as her own daughter, telling the towns folk that “her mother” is ill and cannot come out, but the towns folk are suspicious of all the young girls disappearing.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Daughters of Darkness (1971)  –  Belgium – “Les Lèvres Rouges” – A young newlywed couple staying at a posh seaside resort runs into the beautiful countess Bathory and her assistant.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Dracula vs. Frankenstein  –  Dracula conspires with Dr. Frankenstein to resurrect the monster as a source of the perfect blood for unlimited life and power.  A young woman comes along in search of her sister who has become one of the doctors victims.  Lon Chaney Jr. plays the doctors dumb, mute servant.  IMDB 3amazon-btn

Guess What Happened to Count Dracula  –  Count Dracula changed his name to Count Adrian and moved to America where he lived in a castle with dancing hippies, snakes, a tiger, a laughing fortune teller, and a gorilla in a cage.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Lake of Dracula  –  Japan  “Noroi No Yakata: Chi o Suu Me” – AKA “Dracula’s Lust for Blood”  A very young girl follows her dog into an old house where she witnesses a vampire killing a woman.  Later, as an adult, she remembers the incident as a dream until her friends become victims of the yellow eyed vampire.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Lust for a Vampire  –  40 years after the last vampire died, the heirs of a notorious vampire queen use the blood of innocents to bring her back to life.  Originally slated to be the sequel to “Vampire Lovers” but the cast was unavailable.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire – Something Weird Video – In Las Vegas, Dracula sends his girls out to seduce men and bring him their blood.  Meanwhile, Van Helsing is trying to find Dracula to kill him.  IMDB 4

Requiem for a Vampire – France “Vierges et Vampires” AKA “Caged Virgins“.  Accidentally stumbling into a castle of vampires who can only turn virgins into vampires,  2 girlfriends decide their bond with each other is more important than the choice they have.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

The Return of Count Yorga  –  Count Yorga returns to live next to an orphanage where he can prey on the kids and the teachers.  He spends his free time looking for a bride.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

The Sadist with Red Teeth  –  France “Le Sadique aux Dents Rouges” – A man gets out of a psych ward where he was supposedly cured from vampire tendencies, but the doctors hypnotize him and convince him he really is a vampire.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

The Shiver of the Vampires  –  France  “Le Frisson des Vampires” – AKA “Strange Things Happen at Night” – AKA “Thrill of the vampires” – A Jean Rollin film.  A honeymoon couple stop for the night at a castle not realizing it’s the home of a horde of vampires.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Twins of Evil  –  Orphaned twin sisters go to live with their uncle who heads a vigilante group called “The Brotherhood” who’s main activity is hunting and killing vampires.  Stars Peter Cushing as the uncle.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

The Vampire Happening  –  An American actress inherits a castle in Transylvania.  What she doesn’t know is that her ancestor, the Baronness Catali, is a vampire and emerges from her tomb at night to ravage the nearby village and Catholic seminary.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Vampyros Lesbos – German – “Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula” – A Jess Franco film.  A vixen vampiress uses a vampire stage show to find female victims that she seduces and kills.  One woman, a lawyer, survives but is haunted by nightmares.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

The Velvet Vampire  –  A sexy vampire invites male guests to her house in the desert to drain their blood and bury them in the sand.  Even when she falls in love with a man, her thirst for blood eventually takes control.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Werewolf Shadow – Spain “La Noche de Walpurgis” – Cut version known as “Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman“. Elvira, traveling through the French countryside with her friend Genevieve, searching for the lost tomb of a medieval murderess and possible vampire.  Uncut version amazon-btn
Cut version amazon-btn


Blacula – An ancient African prince turned into a vampire by Dracula is shipped in his coffin to a museum in LA where he is brought back to life and goes about doing what vampires do.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

The Blood Spattered Bride  –  A man brings his new bride home, but his sexual fantasies cause her to seek out a counselor who turns out to be a vampire.  The counselor seduces and turns the bride into a vampire.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

The Brides Wore Blood  –  A young man discovers in an old diary that he is cursed and will become a vampire unless he can get four women together to perform a ritual to break the curse.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Curse of the Vampire  –  Spain – “La Llamada del Vampiro” – A female doctor is summoned to cure a Baron’s father of a strange illness, but the Baron is a vampire with a bunch of blood sucking followers that the doctor will confront.  IMDB 4-5  Available only in PAL format.   amazon-btn

Daughter of Dracula (1972) – France “La Fille de Dracula” – Jess Franco – A young woman visits her gravely ill grandmother who reveals before she dies that the whole family consists of vampires.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Disciple of Death  –  German “Das Monster mit der Teufelsklaue” – Two young lovers in a cemetery make a blood pact to be together forever, but accidentally spill a drop on a cursed grave.  An ancient, evil count comes to life and is intent on making ghouls in order to capture a bride and bring her back to hell.    IMDB 5 amazon-btn

Dracula A.D. 1972  –  Johnny Alucard (Dracula spelled backward) raises Count Dracula from the dead in 1972 London.  The count then goes after the descendants of his nemesis, Dr. Van Helsing.  Dracula is played by (once again) Christopher Lee.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein – France “Drácula Contra Frankenstein” – A town doctor who had enough goes to Dracula’s castle and kills him.  But Dr. Frankenstein shows up with his monster and brings Dracula back to life.  A gypsy summons a werewolf to fight them both.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Vampire Circus  –  A village is relieved when a traveling circus gets through the quarantine roadblock so they can have a diversion from the plague.  As children begin to disappear, a centuries old legacy comes to life.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn


Blood  (1973) – A werewolf doctor living with the daughter of Dracula tries to keep his animal side under control with the help of a chemist doctor but his vampire partner keeps attacking people.  IMDB 5

Count Dracula’s Great Love  –  Spain  “El Gran Amor del Conto Dracula” – also released as – “Cemetery Girls“, “Cemetery Tramps“, “Dracula’s Virgin Lovers“. and “The Great Love of Count Dracula“.  Four women spend the night in a mountaintop sanitarium where an evil doctor forces them to suck blood.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Crypt of the Living Dead  –  Spain “La Tumba de la Isla Maldita”   AKA “Hannah, Queen of the Vampires” – Two archeologists on a scientific dig come across a vampire burial ground and discover that the creatures are about to awaken and likely attack a nearby village.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Devil’s Plaything  –  German  “Der Fluch der Schwarzen Schwestern” – AKA “Veil of Blood“, “Vampire Ecstacy“  – A lesbian vampire’s soul is kept alive in the bodies of the women that worship her in the dungeon of a castle.  A new arrival at the castle becomes her next target.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Devil’s Wedding Night  –  Lady Dracula uses Dracula’s ring to lure young women to her castle where she murders them so she can bathe in their blood.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural – A young girl decides to return to her home town to forgive her father and be a good Christian, but she finds that her home town is overrun with vampires.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Leptirica  –  Yugoslavia – AKA “The She Butterfly”  A peasant man is in love with a girl whose rich father won’t let them see each other, let alone marry.  The older men in the village talk him into becoming the town miller (a position needing to be filled) to enhance his status.  But a vampire is on the loose that repeatedly breaks into the flour mill and kills the miller.  IMDB 8

The Satanic Rites of Dracula  –  AKA “Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides“, “Rites of Dracula“, and “Dracula is Alive and Well and Living in London” – Released worldwide under 22 titles.  In 1970′s London, Scotland Yard investigators think they have uncovered a case of vampirism.  Stars Christopher Lee as Dracula (final time in that role), Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, and a young Joanna Lumley as Van Helsing’s daughter.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Scream Blacula Scream – Sequel.  The African prince turned vampire is brought back through voodoo and tries to be more careful this time but still leaves a trail of bloodless corpses and vampire minions.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Suckula  –  A news reporter covers Dracula’s rampage through Hollywood.  IMDB 6