Vampire Movies 1996 – 2002


Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf  –  A vampiress gets a couple of ghouls to bring her victims.  IMDB 3

Bordello of Blood – Tales from the Crypt movie with Dennis Miller, Erika Eleniak.  A funeral home fronts for a bordello run by vampire women who drain their john’s blood after sex.  The madame in charge is a super demonic vampire.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Caress of the Vampire  –  A female alien vampire lands on Earth and attacks and kills men but fawns over women.  She turns a couple of women into vampires, then leaves the planet in her ship.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Dead of Night   (1996) – AKA “Dark Hunger” – A vampire searches for his long lost wife while a homicide detective is hot on his trail.  IMDB 4-5

From Dusk til Dawn  –  A couple of criminals steal a motorhome, taking the family hostage with them.  They cross the border into Mexico and take refuge in a bar that they discover too late is filled with vampires.  Stars George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, Salma Hayek, Juliet Lewis, Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, and Quinten Tarantino.   IMDB 7-5  amazon-btn

The Macabre Pair of Shorts – Anthology of comic horror tales follows a pair of snobby vampires, a psychotic mime and a killer reel of film that erases everyone who watches it!  Re-released by Troma.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Night Hunter  –  A child escapes when a vampire hunter switches sides and leads the vampires to kill his parents.  His dad gives him a book of secrets with a list of vampires and a shotgun.  Years later and grown up, he tracks down the vampires and kills them, but their European relatives come to America to avenge their deaths.  With the police and vampires chasing him, he picks up a female reporter that helps him catch the vampires and smooth things over with the cops.  Stars Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Night Shade  –  A disillusioned widower receives a strange e-mail invitation to which he responds.  He goes to the strip club he is invited to and gets treated as a VIP.  While there, he sees his wife, that he thought was dead, performing.  He learns she is a vampire.  The plot cuts away occasionally to flashback love scenes with his wife.  IMDB 5

Red Lips II:  Bloodlust  –  A female vampire meets another woman in a bar and tells her vampire stories.  Later, she takes her into the restroom where she turns her into a vampire.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Rockabilly Vampire – A woman obsessed with Elvis Presley one day meets someone who looks just like him.  She immediately falls in love, but there’s one thing she doesn’t realize–“Elvis” is a vampire.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vampirella  –  A sexy vampiress from Drakulon travels to Earth to get revenge on the evil vampires that murdered her father.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn


The Ironbound Vampire –  A dying WWI American soldier is bitten by a vampire out of pity and when he returns to New Jersey, he becomes the unknowing subject of a detective investigation into vampire killings.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

The Night Flier – A tabloid reporter (Miguel Ferrer) who specializes in gory stories is on the trail of a vampire killer who flies from airport to airport in a black plane to find his victims.  The vampire is aware of the reporter and taunts him with clues, but warns him to keep away.  Story by Stephen King.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Two Orphan Vampires  –  France  “Les Deux Orphelines Vampires”  A Jean Rollin film.  A pair of teenage girls, who are blind by day, but when the sun goes down, they roam the streets to quench their thirst for blood.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Journals  –  A vampire who regrets his life and seeks revenge against the vampire that converted him kills anyone or anything that gets in his way.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn


Blade  –  A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires.  Stars Wesley Snipes.   IMDB 7  amazon-btn

Club Vampire  –  A dancer at a night club crosses a vampire who attacks her, leaving her for dead.  She awakes turning, so a male vampire goes against his partners and helps her survive.  Features the boy who played in “Sleepless in Seattle.”  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

Die Hard Dracula  –  A man takes a vacation in east Europe and runs into his dead girlfriend’s double.  Trouble happens when Dracula decides to victimize her family and none of Van Helsing’s schemes seem to work.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

Kiss My Blood  –  A female takes an abused wife under her wing as she tries to stay one step ahead of a vampire hunter.  Has a surprise, twist ending.  IMDB 6

Modern Vampires  –  Dracula runs a nightclub in LA and fights with rogue vampires.  Van Helsing shows up from Vienna and hires some Crips to kill all the vampires.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Razor Blade Smile  –  A 19th century female vampire is knocking off prominent businessmen that she knows are members of the Illuminati.  Chased by Scotland Yard, she is after the vampire that changed her, the head of the Illuminati.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Sorority House Vampires  –  Sorority pledges on their trial in a cabin in the woods must battle a vampire queen who is trying to regain her mortality.  IMDB 1-5

Subspecies IV:  Bloodstorm  –  AKA “Subspecies: The Awakening” – Michelle has escaped the clutches of Radu and is rescued by a nurse and doctor who understands her and is trying to cure her.  But he is hiding the fact that he is a vampire and after the blood-stone, a pursuit that gets him killed.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Sucker:  The Vampire – AKA “Sucker” – Anthony is a vampire who uses his popular rock band as a front to lure beautiful, young groupies to his lair. His assistant, disposes of the bodies of the victims after Anthony seduces and kills them.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Tainted – A group of film geeks are on their way to a midnight movie when they get sidetracked and stumble onto a crooked vampire’s plot to taint the local hospital’s blood supply with undead hemoglobin.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Twilight Dinner  –  Japan  “Chô-inran: Shimai Donburi” – A man helps two sisters move in across the street from his house.  He becomes intimate with the younger sister and she bites him.  When the sisters disappear, the police suspect him.  IMDB 7

Vampire Callgirls  –  A man hires a prostitute who turns out to be a vampire.  He warns his friends, but they ignore him and hire a couple of prostitutes for a party.  Everyone at the party gets attacked.  IMDB 6

Vampires    1998 – AKA “John Carpenter’s Vampires”  A vengeful vampire slayer with his small posse working with a priest in the southwest desert must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, if acquired by vampires, will allow them to endure sunlight.  Stars James Woods.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

The Vampire’s Seduction  –  A female vampire has a male ghoul who sneaks around town and captures female victims for her.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Witchcraft X:  Mistress of the Craft  –  A group of British vampires break a female California Satanist out of police custody.  An LAPD detective teams up with Interpol’s Bureau 17 to try and recapture her.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn


Blood Kiss  –  Signs appear that a vampire that kidnapped a man’s daughter and killed his wife is back in town.  The vampire has a beautiful assistant that protects him and helps him find victims.  IMDB 4-5

Bloodbath  –  When a bunch of B-movie actresses go missing or turn up dead, a couple of LA detectives are assigned to investigate.  A Roger Corman film.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Cold Hearts – Viktoria has given her life and soul to the ways of the vampire.  A mysterious man in black, comes to town and falls for her but finds himself caught in a power struggle between her friends and another vampire clan led by her ex.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Crimson Nights  –  Living the high life of New York City, vampires infect someone new almost every night.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Embrace the Darkness  –  A vampire couple move to Los Angeles.  He wants to lay low and steal blood from a nearby blood bank.  She stalks and kills victims at night to get fresh blood.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Kiss of the Vampire    (1999)  –  Adult remake of the 1963 original.

Muffy:  The Vampire Slayer – AKA “Caress of the Vampire 3: Lust of the Nightstalker” – A very sexy female vampire who has come to earth from outer space preys on female strippers and is stopped by a cop.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

N-Girls vs. Vampires  –  Japanese made for TV.  “Tenne Shojo Man Next:  Yokohama Hyaku-ya Hen” A male vampire converts a bunch of teenage models into vampires.  A hot high school girl and her buddies take it upon themselves to conquer their undead friends.  The vampires can turn into a mist and disappear.  Their eyes go completely white and glow when they change into their fangs.  IMDB 5-5

Titanic 2000  –  AKA “Scary Sexy Disaster Movie”  –  A female vampire aboard the luxury cruise liner “Titanic 2000″ is on a mission to find another woman to turn into a vampire queen.  A frustrated rock band groupie becomes the target of choice.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Vampire Blues  –  Jess Franco movie.  A woman on vacation, sunning herself on the beach has dreams about a vampire that is in fact stalking her.  She is bitten, but with the help of a fortune teller, she destroys the vampire.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn


At Dawn They Sleep  –  Two lovely angel vampires infect two drug lords, hoping that they will kill off the human race.  Demons intervene and attack the vampires.   IMDB 1-5  amazon-btn

Dark Angels  –  A sexy female vampire entices her victims with sex, then drains their blood.  IMDB 7-5

Dracula 2000 – A Wes Craven film featuring Omar Epps and Jennifer Esposito.  A team of techno-savvy thieves break into a high security vault looking for money but find a crypt instead.  They unwittingly release Dracula who heads to New Orleans with a vampire hunter in pursuit.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Dracula:  The Dark Prince     (2000)  – Based on the life of Vlad, the impaler, a Romanian prince liberates his land from an invading Turkish Sultan.  When he is betrayed and killed by those closest to him, Bats attack his dead body.   IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn

Fear Girls  –  Attractive female vampires lure attractive victims into lesbian sex then drain their blood.  IMDB 6-5

Hot Vampire Nights  –  A lesbian vampire calls a late night talk show and goes over her exploits with the host in order to dispel myths about Hollywood vampires.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Les Vampyres  –  Alludes to “Daughters of Darkness”  Female vampires seduce male victims then drink their blood and eat their privates.  A vampire hunter is defeated by seduction and even the male hero gets it in the end.  IMDB 6

The Screaming  –  An anthropology student fights an evil religious cult self help group that he stumbles into not realizing that they are a group of vampires led by a monster.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Shadow of the Vampire  –  Stars John Malkovitch and Willem Dafoe.  F.W. Murnau hires Max Schreck to play Count Orloff to create the realistic vampire movie, “Nosferatu.”  Schreck is introduced to the cast as the ultimate method actor who will only appear at night in full make-up.  As cast members start to disappear, the others suspect that Schreck is more than he seems.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Zora:  The Vampire  –  Original Italian title “Zora la Vampira” – Dracula travels from Hungary to Italy in search of beautiful showgirls but winds up living in a garage.  He falls for a girl named Zora who agrees to bring him victims.  Only available in PAL format.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn


The Breed  –  In the distant future, vampires come out of the shadows and try to live among humans, convincing them that they are a special and peaceful breed.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

The Erotic Ghost  –  A vampire ghost takes advantage of a young housewife’s boredom and seduces her to the dark side.   IMDB 2-5  amazon-btn

The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula  –  A young female rock star is turned into a vampire and hates it.  Trying to be human again and resume her musical career, she has her servant find three virgins to help her change back.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

The Forsaken  –  Two young men, one a vampire hunter, pick up a vampire victim and find themselves in an all out war with a powerful vampire and his minions.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Love Bites      (2001)  –  France “Les Morsures de L’aube” – To get into an exclusive club, a man impersonates a wanted man.  The powerful host of the club is a vampire that promises to make him rich if he divulges the location of the man he is impersonating.  Stars Asia Argento.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

My Brother, the Vampire – German “Mein Bruder, der Vampir”  AKA “Getting My Brother Laid”  A 30 yr old mentally retarded man wears vampire teeth and hangs around with his 15 yr old sister playing pranks and exploring adolescent curiosity.  Middle brother is a cop.  Available only in PAL format.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

The Vampire Combat – Hong Kong – A martial arts master is suspicious of his senior disciple’s wife.  She keeps him in the dark, but a century later, the disciple, reincarnated, seeks revenge and tries to free his master from submission.  IMDB 5

Vampire Junction  –  A Jess Franco Film.  A journalist travels to the American Southwest to investigate a strange town she heard about and to interview the towns people.  After she arrives, she begins having encounters with vampires.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Vampire Resurrection  –  Original title – “Song of the Vampire” – An ancient vampire discovers that his lover has been reincarnated so he finds her in hopes of rekindling the relationship.  When he finally finds her, he discovers that her abusive boyfriend is the reincarnation of the man that killed her.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn


A Candle in the Dark  –  Girls keep disappearing around campus, victims of bloody murder, and a goth dressing girl who only goes out at night is the prime suspect.  IMDB 3-5

Blade II – Blade agrees to help the vampire alliance fend off a new kind of vampire that feeds on vampires.  He teams up with a strong group of vampires led by the daughter of their vampire lord.  Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman.  IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn

Close Your Eyes  –  An American hypnotist psychologist with a past is called on by a London detective to help a little girl who stopped talking after escaping from a killer that drains children’s blood and replaces it with his own.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Cryptz  –  Rap singers looking for a break follow a stripper to a mysterious club where all the strippers turn out to be vampires.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Demon Under Glass  –  The pursuit of a serial killer leads to the capture of a vampire who, in exchange for his life, agrees to medical experiments.  He is then locked in a laboratory but it is more brutal than he expected.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Demon’s Kiss     (2002)  –  AKA “Kiss Me If You Dare”  A woman gets bitten by a strange, half human, creature in a jungle and returns home where she starts turning into a vampire and her boyfriend takes the fall for her kills.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Desire of the Innocent Blood  –  Old fashioned silent vampire movie about a young wife bored with her humble existence so she leaves her husband to go back to the tavern where she is ridiculed and killed by a female vampire.  As a vampire, she returns to her husband who is now remarried.  IMDB 8

Dracula’s Fiancee  –  France – “La Fiancee de Dracula” – AKA “Fiancee of Dracula” – A Jean Rollin film.  A Van Helsing-like professor and his protégé are tracking Dracula’s descendants through the world of “parallels”.  At the same time, a convent of nuns is arranging Dracula’s wedding.  Stars Brigitte Lahaie.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Embrace the Darkness 2  –  Sequel.  A sultry vampire mentors a reluctant recruit.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Embrace the Darkness 3  –  Sequel.  A female vampire isn’t happy with her controlling male partner, so after she’s had enough of the fighting, she kicks him out into the sunlight.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

An Erotic Vampire in Paris  –  A young girl travels to Paris for her mother’s funeral where she is robbed and raped by a street thug.  A sensual female vampire comes to her rescue.  Stars Erin Brown, who before she became rich and famous, acted under the name “Misty Mundae”.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Eternal Blood – Chile “Sangre Eterna” – A journalism student is introduced to a role playing game called “eternal blood” by her boyfriend.  Other players at the party offer to introduce the group to the rituals of vampires and some of them turn into vampires.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Hollywood Vampyr  –  A goth club near campus is suspected of being involved in the deaths several young women.  Told through the eyes of the vampire.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula  –  The band, Killer Barbys, plays a concert in Spain near a museum that includes a display of Count Dracula and their music awakens him.  He immediately falls in love with the lead singer.  A Jess Franco film.  Lina Romay plays Dracula’s publicist.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Lord of the Vampires  –  After a botched gas station robbery attempt, the three crooks and their hostage take shelter in the mansion of a vampire and his two sexy vampire mistresses.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

My Vampire Lover  –  A vampire is spurned by who she considers to be a perfect soulmate, so she moves on to a new location to find a lover.  Her cable repairman is present for much of the action.  Stars Darian Caine, and Erin Brown, who before she became rich and famous, acted under the name “Misty Mundae”.  An uncut version was released with real sex.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Skin Eating Jungle Vampires  –  Alien vampire women abduct tourists from the Costa Rican coastline and take them to a cave in order to offer them as a sacrifice to their leader who will soon arrive.   amazon-btn

Stakes     (2002) – AKA “Vampire Stakes” – In a parallel earth, vampires have cut a swath through their humanity to the extent that the vampires feed on each other.  3 people escape across to our world, but a group of vampires follow and have free reign in their new home.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Clan  –  Based on a true story – not a traditional vampire movie.  A group of young people murder a couple and kidnap their daughter.  They force her to become a member of their gang.  The members show allegiance to one another by drinking each other’s blood from cuts they make in their forearms.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Hunters  –  In ancient China, five warriors are sent to destroy zombies that are turning into vampires.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Obsession  –  A female vampire falls for another female and turns her into a vampire.  The two invite other girls in to seduce them and kill them for their blood.  Stars Darian Caine and A. J. Kahn.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Vampires:  Les Suceuses de la Nuit – French  AKA “Les Vampyres” – A young couple in love play around with three ladies of the night who turn out to be vampires.  Stars Syren, Jewel Valmont, and Ron Jeremy.  IMDB 6

Vampires:  Los Muertos – A very efficient vampire hunter from the “Van Helsing Group” gets an assignment from a monastery.  He is joined by other humans to track and kill a powerful vampire leader.  The vampire is aware of their activity and has his own plans for them.  John Carpenter film, stars Jon Bon Jovi.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vamps 2:  Blood Sisters  –  Sequel.  A vampire go-go dancer falls in love with an ex priest who runs a strip club that employs several vampire dancers.  It is no secret to the management and staff.  Every so often, a customer becomes dinner.  Trouble starts when a rival Queen vampire declares war on them.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn