Vampire Movie Index L – Z


La Comtesse Noire 1975 see Female Vampire 1975La Cripta e l’Incubo see Crypt of the Vampire 1964
La Fiancee de Dracula 2002 see Dracula's FianceeLa Fille de Dracula 1972 see Daughter of Dracula 1972
La Llamada del Vampiro 1972 see The Brides Wore Blood 1972La noche de Walpurgis 1971 see Werewolf Shadow 1971
La Orgía Nocturna de los Vampiros 1974 see Vampire's Night Orgy 1974La Strage dei Vampiri 1964 see Slaughter of the Vampires 1964
La Tumba de la Isla Maldita 1973 see Crypt of the Living Dead 1973La Vampire Nue 1970 see Nude Vampire, The 1970
Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire 2011Lady Vampire 2004
Lake of Dracula 1971Las Alegres Vampiras de Vögel 1975 see Vampires of Vogel 1975
Last Rites 1980Last Sect, The 2006
The Last Vampire on Earth 2010Le Frisson des Vampires 1971 see The Shiver of the Vampires 1971
Le Sadique aux Dents Rouges 1971 see The Sadist with Red Teeth 1971Le Viol du Vampire 1968 see The Rape of the Vampire 1968
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 1974
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural 1973
Leptirica 1973Les Deux Orphelines Vampires 1997 see Two Orphan Vampires 1997
Les Lèvres Rouges 1971 see Daughters of Darkness 1971Les Morsures de L'aube 2001 see Love Bites 2001
Les Vampyres 2000Les Vampyres 2002 see Vampires: Les Suceuses de la Nuit 2002
Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009Lesbian Vampires 2003
Let Me In 2010Lèvres de Sang 1975 see Lips of Blood 1975
Life Blood 2009Ling Chen Wan Can 1987 see Vampire's Breakfast 1987
The Lion, The Leopard, and the Wolf 1992 see Bloodlust 1992Lips of Blood 1975
Live Evil 2009Livestock 2009
Lord of the Vampires 2002Lost Boys: The Thirst 2010
Lost Boys: The Tribe 2008Love Bites 2001
Love Vampire Style 1970 see Bite Me Darling 1970The Loves of Count Yorga, Vampire 1970 see Count Yorga, Vampire 1970
L'ultima preda del vampiro 1960 see The Playgirls and the Vampire 1960Lust at First Bite 1978 see Dracula Sucks 1978
Lust for a Vampire 1971Lust for Dracula 2004
Lust Never Dies 1986


The Macabre Pair of Shorts 1996Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire 1971
Malenka 1969 see Fangs of the Living Dead 1969Mama Dracula 1980
Mark of the Vampire 1935Martin 1977
Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches 2006Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary 1975
Mein Bruder, der Vampir 2001 see My Brother the Vampire 2001Midnight Kiss 1993
Midnight Mass 2003Midnight Son 2011
Modern Vampires 1998Das Monster mit der Teufelsklaue 1972 see Disciple of Death 1972
Mrs. Amworth 2007Muffy the Vampire Slayer 1999
Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood 2008My Bloody Wedding 2010
My Brother the Vampire 2001My Girlfriend's a Vampire 2007
My Step Dad's a Freakin' Vampire 2009My Stepbrother is a Vampire 2013
My Vampire Lover 2002


Near Dark 1987Necropolis 1986
The New girls 2009New York Vampire 1991
New York Vampires 2008N-Girls vs. Vampires 1999
Nieng Arp 2004 see Lady Vampire 2004Night Crawlers 2009
Night Fangs 2005The Night Flier 1997
Night Hunter 1996Night Hunters 2008 see Shadowland 2008
Night of the Walking Dead 1975 see The Strange Love of the Vampires 1975Night of the Werewolf, The 1981
Night Owl 1993Night Shade 1996
Nightmare in Blood 1977Nite Owl 1993 see Night Owl 1993
Noroi No Yakata: Chi o Suu Me 1971 see Lake of Dracula 1971Nosferatu 1922
Nosferatu a Venezia 1988 see Vampire in Venice 1988Nosferatu the Vampire 1979
Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk 2014Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht 1979 see Nosferatu the Vampire 1979
Nude Vampire, The 1970


Out for Blood 2004 see Vampires Out for Blood 2004


Phobia 2013Planet of the Vampire Women 2011
The Playgirls and the Vampire 1960A Polish Vampire in Burbank 1984
Pretty Dead Things 2006Priest 2011
Project Vampire 1993


The Rape of the Vampire 1968Razor Blade Smile 1998
Red Lips 1995Red Lips II: Blood Lust 1996
Red Lips: Eat the Living 2005Red Scream Vampyres 2009
Renfield the Undead 2010Requiem for a Vampire 1971
Requiem for a Vampire 2006The Return of Count Yorga 1971
The Return of Dracula 1958The Return of the Vampire 1943
A Return to Salem's Lot 1987Revenge in the House of Usher 1983
The Reverend 2014
Rites of Dracula 1973 see The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973
Robo Vampire 1988Rockabilly Vampire 1996
Rockula 1990Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead 2009
Rufus 2012


The Sadist with Red Teeth 1971Salem's Lot 1979
Sangre de Vírgenes 1967 see Blood of the Virgins 1967Sangre Eterna 2002
Santo and Dracula's Treasure 1969 see Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula 1969Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula 1969
The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973Satanic Sluts III: Scandalized 2009
Satan's Black Wedding 1975Scarlet Moon 2006
Scars of Dracula 1970Scary Sexy Disaster Movie 1999 see Titanic 2000 - 1999
Scream Blacula scream 1973Screaming, The 2000
Serena: A Vampire's Tale 2009Seven Sins of the Vampire 2013
Seven Vampires, The 1986Sex Hex 2007
Sexandroide 1987
Sexcula 1974
Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing 2004Shadow of the Vampire 2000
Shadowland 2008The She Butterfly 1973 see Leptirica 1973
The Shiver of the Vampires 1971
Shower of Blood 2004
SideFX 2005The Sins of Dracula 2014
Sisterhood, The 2004Skin Eating Jungle Vampires 2002
Slaughter of the Vampires 1964Snakewoman 2005
Song of the Vampire 2001 see Vampire Resurrection 2001Sorrority House Vampires 1998
Stake Land 2010Stakes 2002
The Strange Love of the Vampires 1975Strange Things Happen at Night 1971 see The Shiver of the Vampires 1971
Strange Things Happen at Sundown 2003Strigoi 2009
Subspecies 1991Subspecies II: Bloodstone 1993
Subspecies III: Bloodlust 1994Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm 1998
Subspecies: The Awakening 1998 see Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm 1998Succubus of the Rouge 2008
Sucker 1998 see Sucker: The Vampire 1998Sucker: The Vampire 1998
Suckula 1973Summer of Blood 2014


Tainted 1998Tale of a Vampire 1992
Tales from the Crapper 2004Tales of an Ancient Empire 2010
Tales of Dracula 2015Taste of Blood, A 1967
Taste the Blood of Dracula 1970Teen Vamp 1988
Teeth and Blood 2015Temptation 2009
Tennen Shojo Man Next: Yokohama Hyaku-ya Hen 1999 see N-Girls vs. Vampires 1999Terror in the Crypt 1964 see Crypt of the Vampire 1964
Terror of Dracula 2012Thirst 1979
Thirst 2009Thirty Days of Night 2007
This Darkness: The Vampire Virus 2003The Thompsons 2012
Thralls 2004 see Blood Angels 2004Thrill of the Vampires 1971 see The Shiver of the Vampires 1971
Titanic 2000 - 1999To Sleep with a Vampire 1992
Transylmania 2009Treasure Chest of Horrors 2012
Twilight 2008Twilight Dinner 1998
Twilight Vamps 2010Twilight: New Moon 2009
Twins of Evil 1971Two Orphan Vampires 1997


Umbrage 2009Underworld 2003
Underworld: Awakening 2012Underworld: Evolution 2005
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 2009Undying Love 1991 see New York Vampire 1991
Upír z Feratu 1982 see Ferat Vampire 1982


Vamp 1986Vamp U 2013
Vamp Vixens 2010Vampegeddon 2010
Vamperifica 2012The Vampire 1957
Vampire Academy 2014Vampire Apocalypse 2008 see Bitten 2008
Vampire at Midnight 1988The Vampire Bat 1933
Vampire Blues 1999Vampire Callgirls 1998
Vampire Camp 2012Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws 2006
Vampire Circus 1972Vampire Clan 2002
The Vampire Combat 2001
The Vampire Conspiracy 2005
Vampire Cop 1990Vampire Diary 2006
Vampire Ecstacy 1973 see Devil's Plaything 1973Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl 2009
Vampire Girls 2011The Vampire Happening 1971
Vampire Hookers 1978Vampire Hunter 2004
Vampire Hunters 2002Vampire in Brooklyn 1995
Vampire in Vegas 2009Vampire in Venice 1988
The Vampire is Still Alive 1989Vampire Journals 1997
Vampire Junction 2001Vampire Killers 2009 see Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009
Vampire Land 2012The Vampire Lovers 1970
The Vampire Mistress 2013Vampire Obsession 2002
Vampire Resurrection 2001Vampire Riderz 2013
Vampire Sex Diaries 2011The Vampire Sex Diaries 2010
Vampire Sisters 2004Vampire Stakes 2002
Vampire Vixens 2003Vampire Vixens from Venus 1995
Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe 2005 see Bloodsuckers 2005Vampire Whores from Outer Space 2005
The Vampire Woman 1967Vampirella 1996
Vampires 1998Vampires 2010
Vampires and other Stereotypes 1994Vampire's Assistant, The 2009
Vampire's Breakfast 1987Vampire's Embrace 1991
Vampire's Kiss 1993The Vampire's Niece 1969 see Fangs of the Living Dead 1969
Vampire's Night Orgy 1974Vampires of Vogel 1975
Vampires Out for Blood 2004The Vampire's Seduction 1998
Vampires Suck 2010A Vampire's Tale 2009 see Umbrage 2009
Vampires vs. Zombies 2004Vampires: Les Suceuses de la Nuit 2002
Vampires: Los Muertos 2002Vampires: The Turning 2005
Vampirismus 1982Vampiyaz 2004
Vamps 2012Vamps 2: Blood Sisters 2002
Vamps and the City 2010Vamps Blood and Smoking Guns 2012
Vamps In the City 2010 see Vamps and the City 2010Vamps: Deadly Dream Girls 1995
Vampyre Tales 2005Vampyres 1975
Vampyros Lesbos 1971Vampyros Lesbos: Die Erbin des Dracula 1971 see Vampyros Lesbos 1971
Vampz 2004Van Helsing 2004
Veil of Blood 1973 see Devil's Plaything 1973The Velvet Vampire 1971
Vierges et Vampires 1971 see Requiem for a Vampire 1971Vulture's Eye 2004


Way of the Vampire 2005We Are the Night 2010
Werewolf Shadow 1971Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman 1971 see Werewolf Shadow 1971
Wicked Lake 2008Wir Sind die Nacht 2010 see We Are the Night 2010
Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft 1998Wohi Bhayanak Raat 1989


Young Dracula 1975


Zoltan, Hound of Dracula 1978Zora la Vampira 2000 see Zora the Vampire 2000
Zora the Vampire 2000