Vampire Movies 2003 – 2007


Blood Sisters      (2003)  –  A sorority of vampires stalk and seduce their victims by day then torture and kill them at night.  A couple of girls become suspicious of the sorority, so they join in order to investigate.  Stars Phoebe Dollar.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Flesh for the Beast  –  Six parapsychologists investigate a mansion rumored to be haunted and become the prey of three flesh eating, succubus vampires under the control of a sinister warlock who owns the mansion and is trying to find a mysterious amulet hidden there .  The amulet is a source of power.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Frost:  Portrait of a Vampire  –  While best friends are serving as mercenaries in the Middle East, one of them is bitten by a strange creature which turns him into a vampire.  As he leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes, only his friend can stop him.  Stars Gary Busey.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

The Ghouls  –  Eric Hayes is a stringer:  one step below the lowest rung on the ladder of journalism.  He is a video taking ambulance and police car chaser anxious to get as much gore as possible on tape.  He is also being stalked by something hungrier for blood than he is.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

I Dream of Dracula  –  A man and his therapist girlfriend use his wife’s nightmares about being a vampire as an excuse to get rid of her so they can be together.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Lesbian Vampires  –  AKA “Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires:  The Curse of Ed Wood” – The queen of the lesbian vampires teaches young Lilith her skill.  Mr. Creeps summons the spirit of film maker Ed Wood to deal with the problem.  IMDB 1-5   amazon-btn

Midnight Mass     (2003)  –  With vampires ruling the world, a group of young people find a priest to help them rebuild their church and drive out the vampires and their powerfully evil vampire priest.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Strange Things Happen at Sundown – A group of ordinary people are turned into vampires and lose their grip on reality eventually turning on each other.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

This Darkness:  The Vampire Virus  –  World-famous genetic engineer, Dr. Van Helsing, experiments with the vampire virus using government funds while vampires prey on the students on campus.  When he discovers the secret to immortality, true-blood vampires make his life a living hell.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Underworld  –  A clan of sophisticated aristocratic vampires has a running feud with street thug werewolves.  The feud becomes more intense when a beautiful vampire falls in love with a mysterious werewolf.  Stars Kate Beckinsale.   IMDB 7  amazon-btn

Vampire Vixens  –  A female vampire enlists the help of a nerdy delivery boy to acquire female victims while a suave business executive, who is also a vampire, plots to kill her.  Stars Erin Brown AKA Misty Mundae.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn


Blade:  Trinity – Blade is hunted by the FBI while fighting Dracula, brought back from the dead by a group of vampires trying to create the ultimate vampire from his pure and powerful blood.  Stars Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Parker Posey, Jessica Biel.  IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Blood Angels  –  AKA “Thralls” – A young woman gets caught up in the plans of a group of female vampires fighting to free themselves from their master.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Blood Dancers  –  A woman wants to be an exotic dancer in hopes of making big money, but the club she picks to start at is already dominated by vampire strippers who she must defend herself against if she wants to stay alive.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

The Bloodletting:  Vampire Scrolls  –  For Amanda Dieter (Molly Fix) and her friends, life seems to be going great.  Everything changes when they encounter a mysterious vagrant.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires  –  AKA “Inbred Redneck Vampires” – A sexy vampire and her ghoul hide out in a backwoods, redneck town while hiding from a vampire hunter.  They decide to turn the town’s people into an army of vampires but the locals are not too bright.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn

Bloody Tease  –  A couple of guys go to a strip club where, together with another friend, they pick up a few of the girls and bring them home.  While spying on the action with a hidden camera, they discover that the strippers are vampires.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood  –  Vampires killed centuries ago are brought back to life and struggle to survive.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn

Cuentos Clasicos de Terror – Brief Argentine film based on the more romantic aspects of Bram Stoker’s novel, DraculaIMDB 4

Dark Town  –  The father in a family tries to run off a couple of vampire tenants but loses the fight.  He returns home in the middle of a power outage as a vampire and attacks his family.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn

Dornroschen – German (for “sleeping beauty”) – Set in modern Germany, a ditzy blond nun out to do good kisses a corpse in a coffin.  The corpse, however, is a vampire who comes back to life.  Before long, the whole town is overrun with vampires.  IMDB 3-5

Dracula 3000  –  When a junk hunting space ship discovers an abandoned transport floating in space, they board it in hopes of selling it for millions, but the ship is carrying a load of coffins that are filled with something other than dead bodies.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

Emanuelle vs. Dracula  –  Dracula crashes Emanuelle’s pajama party and enslaves her friends leading to an erotic showdown between the vampire prince and the sex goddess.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Eternal  –  Lady Bathory is still alive and owns luxurious mansions all over the world where she lures young women to their bloody deaths.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Lady Vampire – Cambodia – “Nieng Arp” – A girl gets possessed by a witch and becomes a vampire.  The vampire girl kills the thugs who raped her.  A guy finds out how to get rid of the vampire, but his girlfriend is the vampire’s daughter.  Their kids turn out to be vampires.

Lust for Dracula  –  A young woman gets bitten by a female vampire and becomes a vampire.  Her sister tries to keep her from feeding on the entire population of Los Angeles.   IMDB 3-5  amazon-btn

The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing  –  The great granddaughter of Van Helsing pretends to be the devoted love slave of Countess Dracula in order to get close enough to her to kill her.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Shower of Blood  –  Uncle Marty does not appear to be home so Lisa finds a hidden key which unlocks the door to a night filled with terror.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

The Sisterhood     (2004)  –  A college girl joins an exclusive sorority and gets caught up in the power struggle and deceit.  When she learns that they are vampires, she uses her powerful psychic abilities to destroy their leader.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Tales from the Crapper  –  Troma release of two movies in one.  An alien lands and kills people at a strip club.  Lesbian vampires strip for college boys at a fundraiser.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Vampire Hunter     (2004)  –  A vampire hunter pursues a powerful vampire with martial arts trained ghouls.  The vampire is also a martial arts expert and painter and poses as a portrait artist to catch his next victim.  IMDB 4

Vampire Sisters     (2004)  –  A sexy tale of three of three of the worlds most beautiful, yet horrific, creatures who engage in the world’s oldest profession.  Two undercover detectives pose as a kinky couple to infiltrate their house.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Vampires Out for Blood  –  AKA “Out for Blood” – A police detective investigates a string of mysterious disappearances and uncovers the horrible truth that vampires are at work.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Vampires vs. Zombies  –  AKA “Carmilla: The Lesbian Vampire” – A girl wakes up with a strange infection so her father takes her to see Carmilla, who is possibly the source of the vampiric infection.   IMDB 1-5  amazon-btn

Vampiyaz – A hip-hop ex con returns to his old neighborhood and is pursued by a powerful vampire.  He teams up with a militant group of vampire hunters to defeat him.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

Vampz  –  Life on the streets of Los Angeles becomes dangerous for three sista vampires so they open up an all night massage parlor to attract their victims.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Van Helsing  –  The vampire hunter is summoned to Transylvania to fight a horde of vampires that rule a cowering village.  Stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Vulture’s Eye  –  Lucy and her friends enjoy riding horses in the peaceful rolling hills of the Virginia countryside.  Count Vogul, her neighbor, attempts to lure them into a living death.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn


Beneath Still Waters  –  A town in northern Spain is nearly completely submerged after a dam is built.  A vampire leader chained in a church basement is accidentally freed just before the flood by a curious young boy.  The vampire then wreaks vengeance on the town.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Blade of the Vampire  –  An ancient vampire named Vandalis hasn’t been seriously challenged in a long time.  But when he goes to Hollywood to prey on runaways, he meets his match; a mysterious vampire hunter carrying a powerful, legendary blade.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Bloodrayne  –  A half human, half vampire allies herself with powerful vampire hunters to get vengeance on her father who is such since he raped her mother.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Bloodsuckers     (2005) – Canada – AKA “Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe” – Vampires populate space and are pursued by a “Vampire Sanitation” ship.  They get a distress call from an Earth base and during the course of pursuit and rescue, learn they have a traitor.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Dark Angels 2 – Sequel – A vampire hunter is on the trail of a seductress vampire.  Intense violence and sex.  IMDB 7

Decadent Evil  –  A part human, part reptile named Marvin is imprisoned in a bird cage by a vengeful lover who is trying to become the world’s most powerful vampire.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Demon Hunter     (2005) – A half-breed demon/vampire hunter reports to a cardinal when they realize that a vampire is impregnating many mortals trying to raise offspring. The cardinal enlists a nun to assist in his hunting for the demon/vampire and his women. Meanwhile, the villain sends a sexy Succubus to seduce the hunter.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Dracula III:  Legacy  –  Wes Craven – Sequel – Father Uffizi turns in his collar to finish off Dracula with Luke at his side who is wanting to free Elizabeth.  They must contend with rebels, kidnappers, an ever expanding horde of vampires, and Luke’s impetuous reckless nature in Romania.  They also pick up a British journalist on the way who is determined to get a story.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

G-String Vampire  –  An agent for an underground syndicate is sent on assignment to eradicate a vampire infestation centered in a Miami strip club.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Gypsy Vampire:  The Final Bloodlust – Posing as a funeral director, a one eyed vampire, Count Lugo, arises from the dead to initiate an orgy of blood.     amazon-btn

The Horror Within  –  A group of young people go to a cabin in the woods to finish filming their horror movie about a werewolf ape and become prey for the owner of the cabin who is a vampire.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Night Fangs  –  Two art teachers obsessed with eternal youth find Elizabeth Bathory’s diary and start to practice rituals which unleash hell on earth.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Red Lips:  Eat the Living  –  A female vampire tells another woman four tales about zombies and then bites her and turns her into a vampire.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Side FX  –  A couple of college chemists whip up a new designer drug, but everyone who takes it becomes a vampire.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Snakewoman  –  A reporter goes to the former mansion of a long dead, legendary entertainer to catalog her works.  The present owner, who is a vampire, refuses to release any documents until the reporter becomes one of the vampires.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Underworld:  Evolution  –  Beautiful vampire heroine Selene is betrayed by her own kind and seeks revenge.  This sequel traces the beginning of the feud between the aristocratic vampires and the barbaric werewolves.   IMDB 7  amazon-btn

The Vampire Conspiracy  –  Five strangers are abducted by a centuries old vampire and forced to play a deadly game of wits and endurance.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Whores from Outer Space – When their spaceship makes a crash-landing, the vampire whores from outer space begin sucking a small town dry. It’s up to a pair of high-school sweethearts, back-alley abortionists, and the inept local law enforcement to stop them.  Ultra low budget.  IMDB 4-5

Vampires:  The Turning  –  Set in Thailand, a man’s girlfriend is kidnapped by kick-boxing, motorcycle-riding vampires.  He enlists the help of vampire hunters and gets himself turned into a vampire in order to rescue her.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Vampyre Tales – An anthology of vampire short stories.  Hosted by Debbie Rochon.   IMDB 6  amazon-btn

Way of the Vampire  –  Dr. Van Helsing is granted immortality by the Catholic church until he can hunt down and kill the last vampire prince.   IMDB 2  amazon-btn


Blade:  House of Chthon – AKA “Blade:  The Series”  Blade is tracking a powerful vampire and is joined by a female combat vet who wants revenge for her brother’s murder.  Spinnoff of the series with Wesley Snipes.  IMDB 6-5  amazon-btn

Cravings  –  AKA “Daddy’s Girl” – Not a vampire movie in the traditional sense.  A young girl is admitted into a psychiatric hospital for cutting her wrists, but she wasn’t trying to commit suicide.  The psychiatrist discovers that she likes to drink blood; anyone’s blood, even her own.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

The Damned  –  A college student discovers a clan of vampires that moved into the neighborhood.  With his roommates, he tries to stop the vampires before they feast on the whole school.  Stars Todd Bridges.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Demonic  –  AKA “Forrest of the Damned”  –  A group of teens break down in the woods.   They find a house and try to get help, but instead are attacked by the house’s owner and a trio of vampire fallen angels.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Dracula’s Curse  –  A team of vampire hunters battle a clan of vampires in the dark underworld.  The vampires also have internal squabbles.  One of the clan resembles the original character, Nosferatu.   IMDB 3  amazon-btn

Exit 38  –  An elite team of FBI agents hunts a conniving vampire who needs victims to complete a ritual in order to take over the world as the ultimate vampire.   IMDB 5  amazon-btn

Haunting Desires – A young driver is found dead in his car with telltale puncture wounds on his neck, and a shrewd reporter Jill Conner believes the death was the result of foul play.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

House of Blood     (2006)  –  Original title – “Chain Reaction” – After a prison bus crashes, the prisoners escape and take a doctor with them as a hostage.  They take over a house in the woods to hide in, but the weird residents of the house are capable of defending themselves.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

The Insatiable  –  A drab, run of the mill guy walking at night witnesses a sexy vampiress killing a street bum.  He does the research and builds a trap in his basement to keep her from killing again, which she falls into.  But then he is obliged to take care of her.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

The Last Sect  –  A vampire hunter tracks female bloodsuckers who use an internet dating site to find and lure their victims.  Stars David Carradine.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches  –  After being dumped by his girlfriend, video store clerk Marty runs into a group of female vampires looking to feed.  When his ex-girlfriend is bitten, Marty takes them on with the help of his friend and co-worker.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Pretty Dead Things  –  Four former actors who are vampires head to a town in search of a lover while a former victim plots revenge.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Requiem for a Vampire     (2006)  –  A modern family of vampires survives by drinking blood from a blood bank they own and run.  When a female member is attacked at night, she kills her attacker but contracts AIDS.  At the same time, the family is being harassed by a reporter.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Scarlet Moon  –  Satanists try and get their hands on an ancient gem called the Scarlet Moon.  They use drug addicted vampire hit-men.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws  –  A hillbilly has been injected with a serum that makes his blood lethal to vampires.  He becomes a target of both vampires and vampire hunters, but one of the vampires falls in love with him so she fights to protect him.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Diary – While making a documentary, a female film maker meets a highly enigmatic and beautiful woman who says she’s a vampire.  She tells her story intent on getting the film maker’s blood.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn


All Hallows Eve     (2007)  –  Young people at a Halloween party sit around and tell scary stories that might be true.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Crimson     (2007)  – A group of young nurses on their way home from a party find an unconscious girl badly beat up and decide to take her home and take care of her.  They learn that she is being pursued by a vampire who eventually sets her sights on all of them.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Decadent Evil 2  –  Survivors from the first movie search for a vampire strong enough to bring their vampire hunter friend back to life.  Their quest brings them to a nightclub in the rural Midwest.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

A Feast of Flesh     (2007)  –  A young woman accidentally upsets the delicate truce between a group of vampires and a team of mercenaries.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Fist of the Vampire  –  An undercover detective trying to break up an illegal underground kickboxing ring discovers that the leaders are vampires and responsible for a mysterious case long cold where an entire family was murdered.  Stars Darian Caine.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Gothic Vampires from Hell  –  A rock band named “Gothic Vampires from Hell” discover that the sexy recording executives they work for are really vampires.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Mrs. Amworth  –  Soon after a beautiful, sweet woman moves in to a quiet little country town, the residents begin to die in bizarre ways.  The local paper editor and the town doctor follow the trail of blood back to the kind newcomer.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

My Girlfriend’s a Vampire – Bree Olsen, Britney Stevens, Evan Stone.  A man discovers that his girlfriend is a vampire one evening when they have sex and she attacks him.  PAL format DVD.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Sex Hex  –  A lesbian vampire watches her victims seduce one another before she attacks them.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Thirty Days of Night  –  Vampires move to the small Alaskan town, Point Barrow, after the summer crowd has left and use the long winter night to their advantage.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn