Vampire Movies 2008 – 2013


Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned  –  A young man hosts a bachelor party for his best friend, but things go horribly wrong  when the exotic dancers hired for the entertainment turn out to be hungry vampires.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Bitten     (2008)  –  AKA “Vampire Apocalypse” – A paramedic rescues a girl on the street and takes her home to nurse her back to health when she refuses to go to a hospital.  He falls is in love with her and then learns she is a vampire.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Blood Scarab  –  Countess Bathory moves to Los Angeles and has her ghoul collect young virgin girls so she can bathe in their blood to retain her youth and survive in the daylight.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Bloodlock – A couple with problems buys an old house where she wants a break from life, but he wants to get rid of her.  She invites her sister who is her husbands secret lover.  If that’s not enough drama, they accidentally release a vampire from the basement.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Bloodspit – When Count Bloodspit and his family of ghouls return from the Vampire Mirror World to feast on young virgins, they find vampire hunter Dr. Ludvic hot on their trail.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Bloodwine  –  A bottle of wine from a girlfriend turns the drinker into a vampire.  The girlfriend must then keep away from her friend until she can figure out a cure.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula – After a heist goes wrong, outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde crash a mansion inhabited by the recently revived Dracula. When gangsters meet vampires, there’s bloody hell to pay.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Demon Sex  –  AKA “Demon Seduction” – An alien race depends on a scientist to extract a super DNA from an alien fossil found on earth.  After they finish with a man,they drink all his blood.  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

Lost Boys:  The Tribe  –  A couple of kids down on their luck become the target of a vampire surfer gang.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Mutant Zombies from the Hood – In the wake of a solar flare of unusual properties, a mismatched group of inner-city survivors must put aside their animosity to escape a Los Angeles infested with blood-sucking vampire zombies.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Nuns:  New York Vampires  –  Short films from the band, “The Nuns”, with a vampire theme.  Also includes live performance videos with an S&M theme.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Shadowland  –  AKA “Night Hunters”   A young woman is bitten by a vampire and the preacher who witnesses the attack immediately drives a stake into her heart.  Over a hundred years later, a construction crew working on the church grounds where she was buried unwittingly removes the stake.  She wakes up completely confused in a modern world with sky scrapers, cars, planes…  She tries to find her way back to her parents house while a powerful vampire hunter is on her trail trying to kill her before she discovers what she is.  Stars former Miss Teen Missouri, Caitlin McIntosh.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Succubus of the Rouge – A virus is killing off vampires, so they look for a human who has blood with an antidote.  They find her in a strip bar called “The Rouge”.  IMDB 7

Twilight  –  A young woman moves to a small town and meets a boy who is secretly a vampire.  He fights his own urges to make her supper and fights off other vampires that would.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Wicked Lake  –  When a group of vampire girls get attacked by a bunch of hicks at a lake, they turn the tables on them and make them supper.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn


Ang Darling Kong Aswang – Philippines – A single dad falls in love with a vampire.  When her vampire clan learn that she has stopped feeding on people, they put out a hit on her and her mother.  Now the single dad must defend his love against angry vampires.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Blood     (2009)  –  Japan  “Buraddo” – A vampire tries to kill a young martial arts expert, but he is protected by a female vampire since she has taken a liking to him.  Since she also made the first vampire, jealous fights break out.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Blood Moon Rising     (2009)  –  A vampire leaves his wife, the daughter of the devil, and starts dating a girl named Lucy.  Satan’s daughter turns Lucy into a werewolf, then schemes to unleash hell on earth in a fit of rage.  A hippie chick and a comic addicted soda jerk must save the world.  Features Ron Jeremy.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Daybreakers  –  In the far future, a virus has changed most of mankind into vampires.  Faced with a dwindling blood supply, vampire scientists research means of survival.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Immortally Yours  –  AKA “Kiss of the Vampire” – A powerful vampire leader falls in love with a woman and enlists the help of her scientist father to become mortal again.  His pack of vampire followers reject him, the police hire a vampire hunter from Interpol, and the Illuminati are after his secret of immortality.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Lesbian Vampire Killers  –  England – AKA “Vampire Killers”  –  Two dejected buddies pick a town at random to get away and camp out.  They wind up in a tiny hamlet which has been cursed by an ancient vampire.  The curse causes all the girls in the town to turn into vampires when they turn 18.  A local cleric helps the duo fight the horde of vampires.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Life Blood  –  A supernatural force put a lesbian couple to sleep for 40 years.  When they awaken on New Year’s eve, they have become vampires.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Live Evil     (2009)  –  A vampire hunter, priest, tracks a clan of vampires to get revenge for the death of his parents.  The vampires are desperate for unpolluted human blood which is in short supply due to all the drug use and disease.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Livestock  –  A mysterious cult promotes one of their members, but his disciples take matters into their own hands, killing their prospective victims and running their own torture chamber.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

My Stepdad’s a Freakin’ Vampire  –  A high school senior thinks his stepdad is a jerk, but when he finds the body of his friend, the disappeared mailman, in the attic, he thinks he;s a killer.  The school janitor/vampire hunter tells him his dad is a vampire and has a plan to rule the world.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

The New Girls  –  Problems erupt between three female vampires that have stopped in a town for a quick snack when one of them falls in love with their prey.     amazon-btn

Night Crawlers     (2009)  –  Two buddies in a hick Texas town chance upon a vampire who offers them thousands of dollars to steal an ancient scroll.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Red Scream Vampyres  –  Two female vampires living in an abandoned subway terminal pick up men on the street.  They promise them a good time, but when they get them back to their lair, they rip them to shreds.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead – An out of work ladies man wants to put on a production of “Hamlet”, but his leading lady will only finance the project if he includes vampires and zombies.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Satanic Sluts III:  Scandalized  –  The UK’s most notorious slut dreams about a series of scenarios from military dress-downs to 60′s style space adventures and vampire attacks.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Serena:  A Vampire’s Tale – Set in contemporary New York City this supernatural romantic thriller chronicles the transformation of Serena from a shy workaholic widow into a blood thirsty vixen of the night.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Strigoi  –  Set in modern times in post communist Romania.  The movie accurately reflects the superstitions of peoples in that area in the first century BC.  Strigoi are possessed people who can be good or bad.  The bad ones live beyond death and venture out at night to attack people and sometimes drink their blood.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Temptation     (2009)  –  A girl is raped and killed by a London cabbie but a powerful female vampire comes to her rescue.  The vampire gives her two days to decide if she would rather die or become a vampire herself.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Thirst     (2009)  –  A priest goes to a hospital and is transfused with vampire infected blood.  He fights the urges, but gradually realizes he must abandon the priesthood.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Transylmania – A kid trying to meet his Romanian girlfriend arranges for himself and his friends to go there on a study tour.  They meet hunchbacks, a devious professor and vampires trying to kill them. IMDB 4    amazon-btn

Twilight:  New Moon  –  Sequel.  A mortal girl who is in love with a vampire goes after him after he leaves her in an attempt to keep her safe.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Umbrage  –  AKA “A Vampire’s Tale“  When a dysfunctional family moves into a remote farm, they are terrorized by a powerful cowboy vampire who is seeking his own revenge.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Underworld:  Rise of the Likens  –  The back story for the trilogy.  Tells how a feud developed between the aristocratic vampires and their one time slaves, the likens.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl – Japan – “Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken” – A female vampire sets her sites on another student and gives him a chocolate laced with her blood.  He becomes a vampire, but his girlfriend becomes a Frankenstein to get him back.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Vampire in Vegas  –  AKA  “Dark Evil” – A powerful vampire living in Las Vegas hires a female research scientist to invent a serum that will allow him to survive sunlight.  She uses young female vampires as her test subjects.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

The Vampire’s Assistant  –  A teenager decides to join a circus which includes a vampire in the hope of becoming a vampire himself.  Features Salma Hayek and Willem Dafoe.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn


Bikini Vampire Babes – A story about Lizette, a vampire fleeing Puerto Rico making her living entering bikini contests. She runs into trouble when her car breaks down in Oklahoma City.   IMDB 5-5  amazon-btn

Dead West – AKA “Cowboys vs. Vampires” – A western movie actor trying to make it big discovers the dark plan when his production is taken over by new vampire management who plan to put on a Halloween spectacle in a large cave to draw a crowd of victims.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

Empusa  –  Released one year after the death of director and star, Paul Naschy.  He plays a student of the occult who is drawn into a fight with young female vampires (Empusas) that kill people along a beach and dump their bodies in the sand.  Available only in PAL format.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

I Am Virgin  –  A virus has turned the world’s population into vampires except for one nerdy young man who, along with his basset hound, tries to avoid the sex hungry vampires.  Vampire spoof of “I Am Legend.”  IMDB 2   amazon-btn

I Kissed a Vampire – Musical – Haunted by bizarre dreams about goth rocker Trey Sylvania, with a growing lust for blood, Dylan is not your average teenager-he’s transforming into a vampire!  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Last Vampire on Earth  –  Absurd movie premise that vampires are not evil, just misunderstood.  A mousy college girl suffering from aids befriends a classmate/vampire when they are cast in a class play of Dracula.  She invites him to her Jehovah Witness church where her dad is the pastor, then to her home to have dinner with her family.  Her dad conspires to kill him when he learns what he is, but the daughter comes to his rescue.  The movie is littered with genre errors.  IMDB 1-5   amazon-btn

Let Me In     (2010)  –  A young boy who is terrorized at school by a bunch of bullies befriends and falls for a young female vampire who sneaks out to play with him at night but lives in secrecy in his building with her guardian.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Lost Boys:  The Thirst  –  A best selling author, who lost a brother to a super vampire, invites a clumsy vampire hunter to help him destroy the vampire who is a popular DJ at rave parties all over the world.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

My Bloody Wedding  –  A bride possessed by a vampire spirit and her vampire attendants are on a killing spree and it’s up to the groom and his best man to stop them.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Renfield:  The Undead  –  Renfield, once the slave of Dracula, killed him and took over for the count.  He remains crazy, though, as he prowls the streets of a large city.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Stake Land  –  A teenage boy depends on a loner, vampire hunter to bring him safely to a purported new Eden in Canada.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Tales of an Ancient Empire  –  A princess sets out on a quest to find the five greatest warriors to save her empire from a vampire demon sorceress.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Twilight Vamps  –  A house of prostitution is run by vampire girls who drain their customers’ blood.  One man strikes their fancy so they let him live, but he gets wise to their operation.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Vamp Vixens  –  A series of vignettes with vampires getting it on.  The episodes are introduced by a goth female with a male slave on a chain.     amazon-btn

Vampegeddon  –  In order to escape a dull town, a group of goth young people perform a ritual to summon a powerful vampire.  They accidentally also bring back the vampire slayer chasing him so the feud continues.  IMDB 2-5   amazon-btn

The Vampire Sex Diaries     (2010) – A biologist studying local bat colonies in the desert with with his petite girlfriend in tow come into a tiny town overrun with vampires led by a vampire vixen out for his blood.  IMDB 7

Vampires     (2010)  –  Belgian  –  A family of vampires agrees to let a film crew interview and film their day to day lives.  The crew discovers all the problems of being a vampire, living according to the vampire rules, pesky vampire neighbors, and the difficulty in trying to raise rebellious vampire teenagers.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Vampires Suck  –  Spoof of the mega-hit vampire movie “Twilight.”  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Vamps and the City  –  AKA “Vamps in the City”  –  Vampire spoof of HBO series “Sex and the City.”  Ultra low budget movie.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

We are the Night  –  German  “Wir sind die Nacht”  –  A Berlin cop closes in on a trio of female vampires that has just taken on a new member.  The cop had previously been keeping tabs on the new member since she had been a tramp and common thief, but also because he is attracted to her.  She likes him as well.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn


Always from Darkness  –  A young female vampire falls for her next door neighbor, but he already has a girlfriend.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Bite Marks – A truck driver picks up a couple of men to help him keep awake as he drives through the night to deliver a load of coffins.  When they arrive, the coffins open and vampires emerge to eat the only meals available, the drivers. IMDB 4    amazon-btn

Blind Alley – Spain – “El Callejón” – A beautiful young dancer auditions for a part and gets a callback just as she arrives home.  She goes to a laundromat at the end of a blind alley where she is attacked by vampires.   IMDB 4-5  amazon-btn

Bloodrayne:  The Third Reich  –  Rayne fights against Nazis in WWII where she encounters an officer who wants to inject Hitler with her blood in an attempt to make him an immortal vampire.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Dylan Dog:  Dead of Night  –  Based loosely on the comic book, Dylan Dog is a private eye that hunts monsters at night.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Fright Night     (2011)  –  Remake of the 1985 original.  A teenager discovers that his new next door neighbor is a vampire, but nobody will believe him.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Hemo  – Troma – A couple of blood drinking young people live off the blood they steal from a local blood bank, but when the security is tightened, they begin to kill random people they find.  When one of their victims beats them up, they turn on each other.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Lady of the Dark:  Genesis of the Serpent Vampire  –  An ordinary woman into spiritual exercise gets bitten by a mysterious snake while she is meditating outside.  She then slowly turns into a serpent vampire.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Midnight Son     (2011) – The story of a young man called Jacob who is confined to a life of isolation, due to a very rare skin disorder.  As his condition worsens he must drink human blood to survive.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Planet of the Vampire Women  –  A crew of intergalactic pirates rob a casino on a space station and hide out on what they think is an uninhabited planet.  They soon discover that the planet is overrun with vampires.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Priest     (2011)  –  A priest disobeys the orders of his church and leaves the city to track down the vampires that kidnapped his niece and killed his brother.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Vampire Girls  –  Japanese original title, “Kyuuketsu Gaanuzu” – Very rare vampire movie.  A young female vampire falls for a handsome mortal, but they both have girlfriends.  His girlfriend is raped and thinks about committing suicide, so the vampire’s girlfriend bites her, turning her into a vampire.  At the same time, a vampire hunter is tracking them.  IMDB 5

Vampire Sex Diaries     (2011) – Japan – A young girl with aspirations to play piano takes a job as a maid for a piano player.  His household is jealous and mistreats her.  The pianist becomes a vampire but a headset has been developed to control vampires.


Aleta:  Vampire Mistress – AKA “Empress Vampire”  The revelry of an upscale Halloween party is shattered by gunshots as two armed robbers attempt to fleece the well-to-do patrons of their money and jewels.  A small figure emerges from the shadows and dispatches the thieves.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Argento’s Dracula  –  Dracula discovers a woman who looks identical to his centuries dead lover.  He kills her husband and friend and uses his mind control to lure her into marrying him.  Features Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Blood Reunion – A little girl discovered her mother’s body after witnessing her being attacked by a vampire. The local priest buried the mother in chains beneath a cross.  With the mother accidentally released and the girl grown up, the mother is out for revenge.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Byzantium  –  Two women seek shelter in a coastal resort, but their secret gets out that they are 200 year old vampires.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

The Caretaker  –  As vampires start to take over a region, a group of people hide out in a large house.  They find a vampire hiding there who makes a bargain with them that he will protect them at night in exchange for them protecting him during the day.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Dracula Reborn  –  A realtor unwittingly represents Dracula in a contract to buy a building when Dracula takes a liking to his wife.  After she’s bitten and taken, the realtor teams up with Van Helsing to try and save her.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Indemnity:  Rage of a Jealous Vampire  –  A guy breaks up with his girlfriend who turns out to be a vampire.  She becomes jealous and wants to kill him so he must run for his life.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Joe Vampire – When a Civil War soldier is left to die after being attacked by a Vampire, he’s given a choice, turn or die. Now, after decades of being undead, he crosses paths with a beautiful woman who is fascinated with his life.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Kiss of the Damned  –  A vampire resists her feelings for a mortal, but he wants her so much that he lets her bite him.  She is a member of a group of vampires trying to live off of synthetic blood and avoid killing.  All is going well until her wild sister shows up.  The flirtatious, manipulating sister is being sent to rehab, but she likes being a vampire in the traditional sense.  IMDB 5-5   amazon-btn

Rufus – Canada   AKA “Hunted” –  A teenage vampire tries to hide his identity and blend in.  He has a girlfriend and everything is find until a vampire hunter tracks him down and gets the local sheriff involved.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Terror of Dracula  –  Retelling of Bram Stoker’s novel, mostly in narrative form from flashbacks of the characters.  Unique from other portrayals, Dracula is bald with a full grey beard.  Instead of turning into wolves or bats, he appears and vanishes.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Thompsons  –  On the run, with the law on their tail, an American vampire family heads to England to link up with an ancient vampire clan.  When they find them, some of the British family don’t take kindly to the new arrivals.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Treasure Chest of Horrors  –  A descendant of a pirate goes to find his grandfather’s treasure and finds a chest with low budget horror movies that cover a range of horror topics.   IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Underworld:  Awakening  –  Having escaped years of imprisonment, Selene awakens to a new world where humans are fighting to destroy werewolves and vampires.  She must fight people and super werewolves in order to survive.  IMDB 6-5   amazon-btn

Vamperifica – A clueless, flamboyant college kid discovers that the soul of a great vampire king resides within him. Now he must choose between his friends and his destiny.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Vampire Camp – A vampire hunter expert hosts a TV show and camp where he trains vampire hunters, but most of his guests are vampires out to put an end to him during the red moon.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

Vampireland  –  Four strangers must work together to stay alive after vampires have virtually taken over the world.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse and Satan come on the scene to attempt to rule the world.  IMDB 2

Vamps    (2012) – A 20 year old vampire rooms with a 150 year old vampire who looks 20.  They work, play, and go to vamps anonymous at night and fall in love.  When the younger gets pregnant, The older knows that they must kill the one who turned them both for the child to survive.  Stars Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter with Sigourney Weaver and Malcolm McDowell.  The pizza guy is the same actor that played the pizza guy in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High“.  IMDB 5   amazon-btn

Vamps Blood and Smoking Guns – A hard boiled detective is on the case of a murder when she runs into a female vampire,  who with her thugs are after what she considers to be a special type of blood.     amazon-btn


Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth – A young woman flees to a crumbling warehouse in which a vampire has accidentally been freed.  He’s starving, but she convinces him to teach her about his view of history which only he can teach.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

Bloodsucka Jones – Bloodsucka Jones rises from the pages of legend to help a would-be vampire hunter, save a chronically confused man from his vampire girlfriend’s brother and his cronies.  IMDB 6   amazon-btn

Brides of Sodom  –  A powerful male vampire falls for a male human and wants to make him a vampire.  But the vampire lord’s girlfriend and sister have other plans.  IMDB 3   amazon-btn

Crimson Winter – In the midst of a Vampire civil war, a Vampire prince, exiled for falling in love with a human, has escaped into the mountains of the new America, where, with his closest ally, he is building a hidden army for revenge against his family.  IMDB 2-5  amazon-btn

Dracula:  The Impaler     (2013) – Seven high school friends on a Euro-vacation wind up in Dracula’s castle where they become the victims of a ritual to bring Dracula back to life. IMDB 3-5    amazon-btn

Embrace of the Vampire     (2013)  –  An ancient evil follows and tempts a timid, sheltered teen as she leaves her all-girl Catholic school for a new and different life at a co-ed university.   IMDB 4  amazon-btn

Fright Night 2  –  A sexy college professor who turns into a vampire at night is planning to bathe in the blood of a new moon virgin.  A group of students touring Romania and caught in her web must try and stop her.  IMDB 4-5   amazon-btn

An Irish Vampire in Hollywood  –  An Irish vampire kidnaps a woman and takes her back to Ireland.  Her twin sister sets out to rescue her and to do so must find an elixir that will save her.  Fairies and spites appear from time to time in the movie to keep the viewer informed of what’s happening with the plot.  IMDB 7   amazon-btn

My Stepbrother is a Vampire  –  A girl discovers that her new stepbrother might be a vampire and she tries to protect him from the vampire hunters trying to kill him.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Phobia     (2013)  –  In 1885, a female doctor is helping a group of people with their fears when she becomes involved in a murder mystery surrounding one of them who may be a vampire.  IMDB 3-5   amazon-btn

Seven Sins of the Vampire  –  Tempting vampire women prowl city streets at night dressed like prostitutes to lure their victims.  After they drain all the blood, they tear the victims heart out.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

Vamp U  –  A college professor who is a vampire has been unable to grow his teeth out since he accidentally killed his true love.  When he meets a co-ed who looks just like his true love he overcomes his problem.  He turns her into a vampire and she goes crazy, draining the blood of everyone in sight and leaving the corpses lying around.  IMDB 4   amazon-btn

The Vampire Mistress – A young reporter is assigned to investigate a fringe group known as ‘Vampire Society’.  A bloodsucking Vampire Mistress will take her from a naivety to steamy seduction.  IMDB 7

Vampire Riderz  –  With a pair of vampire hunters on the prowl, a vampire lord sends his minions to catch the day-walker, a descendant of a vampire and human.  He needs her blood to assure himself of another 500 years of life.     amazon-btn