Vampire Movie Index A – K


The Addiction 1995
Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth 2013
Aleta: Vampire Mistress 2012
All Hallows Eve 2007
Always from Darkness 2011
The Amorous Adventures of a Young Postman 1970 see Bite Me Darling 1970
Andy Warhol's Dracula 1974 see Blood for Dracula 1974Ang Darling Kong Aswang 2009
Argento's Dracula 2012As Sete Vampiras 1986 see The Seven Vampires 1986
At Dawn They Sleep 2000Atom Age Vampire 1960


Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned 2008Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood 2003 see Lesbian Vampires 2003
Beiss Mich, Liebling 1970 see Bite Me Darling 1970Beneath Still Waters 2005
Bikini Vampire Babes 2010Bite Marks 2011
Bite Me Darling 1970Bite School 2015
Bitten 2008Black Water Vampire 2014
Blacula 1972Blade 1998
Blade II 2002Blade: Trinity 2004
Blade: House of Chthon 2006Blade: The Series 2006 see Blade: House of Chthon 2006
Blade of the Vampire 2005Blind Alley 2011
Blood 1973Blood 2009
Blood and Roses 1960Blood Angels 2004
Blood Dancers 2004Blood for Dracula 1974
Blood Kiss 1999Blood Moon Rising 2009
Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969Blood of the Vampire 1958
Blood of the Virgins 1967Blood Reunion 2012
Blood Reunion 2: Madeline 2015Blood Reunion 3: Hunters 2015
Blood Scarab 2008Blood Seekers 1965 see Blood Thirst 1965
Blood Sisters 2003Blood Slaves of the Vampire Wolf 1996
The Blood Spattered Bride 1972Blood Thirst 1965
Blood Ties 1991Bloodbath 1999
The Bloodletting 2004Bloodlock 2008
Bloodlust 1977Bloodlust 1992
BloodRayne 2005Bloodrayne: The Third Reich 2011
Bloodspit 2008Bloodsucka Jones 2013
Bloodsuckers 1970Bloodsuckers 2005
Bloodsucking Redneck Vampires 2004 see Inbred Redneck Vampires 2004Bloodwine 2008
Bloody Tease 2004The Body Beneath 1970
Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula 2008Bordello of Blood 1996
The Breed 2001The Brides of Dracula 1960
Brides of Sodom 2013The Brides Wore Blood 1972
Bullitt and the Curse of the Blood Ring 2014Buraddo 2009 see Blood 2009
Byzantium 2012


Caged Virgins 1971 see Requiem for a Vampire 1971A Candle in the Dark 2002
Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter 1974Caress of the Vampire 1996
Caress of the Vampire 3: Lust of the Nightstalker 1999 see Muffy the Vampire Slayer 1999The Caretaker 2012
Carmilla, the Lesbian Vampire 2004 see Vampires vs. Zombies 2004Cemetery Girls 1973 see Count Dracula's Great Love 1973
Cemetery Tramps 1973 see Count Dracula's Great Love 1973Central Park Drifter 1987
Chain Reaction 2006 see House of Blood 2006Chi o Suu Bara 1974 see Evil of Dracula 1974
Chô-inran: Shimai Donburi 1998 see Twilight Dinner 1998City of the Vampires 1993
Close Your Eyes 2002Club Vampire 1998
Cold Hearts 1999Count Dracula - Jess Franco 1970
Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides 1973 see The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973Count Dracula's Great Love 1973
Count Erotica - Vampire 1971Count Yorga, Vampire 1970
Counter Destroyer 1989 see The Vampire is Still Alive 1989Countess Dracula 1971
Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood 2004Cowboys and Vampires 2010 see Dead West 2010
Cravings 2006Crimson 2007
Crimson Nights 1999Crimson Winter 2013
Crypt of the Living Dead 1973Crypt of the Vampire 1964
Cryptz 2002Cuentos Clasicos de Terror 2004
Curse of the Blood Ghouls 1964 see Slaughter of the Vampires 1964


Daddy's Girl 2006 see Cravings 2006The Damned 2006
Dance of the Damned 1989Dark Angels 2000
Dark Angels 2 - 2005Dark Evil 2009 see Vampire in Vegas 2009
Dark Hunger 1996 see Dead of Night 1996Dark Town 2004
Darkness - The Vampire Version 1993Daughter of Dracula 1972
Daughters of Darkness 1971Daughters of Dracula 1975 see Vampyres 1975
Daybreakers 2009Dead Men Walk 1943
Dead of Night 1996Dead West 2010
Decadent Evil 2005Decadent Evil 2 - 2007
Def by Temptation 1990Demon Hunter 2005
Demon Queen 1987Demon Seduction 2008 see Demon Sex 2008
Demon Sex 2008Demon Under Glass 2002
Demonic 2006Demon's Kiss 2002
Demonsoul 1995Desire of the Innocent Blood 2002
Desire, the Vampire 1982Destiny: The Vampire Mermaid 2015
Devil's Plaything 1973Devil's Wedding Night 1973
Devils of Darkness 1965Die Hard Dracula 1998
Disciple of Death 1972The Divine Enforcer 1992
Doctor Dracula 1978Doctor Vampire 1990
Dominion - Todd Sheets 1992Dornroshen 2004
Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) 1969Dracula 1931
Dracula 1958 see Horror of Dracula 1958Dracula 1974
Dracula 1979Dracula 2000 - 2000
Dracula 3000 - 2004Dracula A. D. 1972 - 1972
Dracula Blows His Cool 1979Dracula by Mario Salieri 1994
Drácula contra Frankenstein 1972 see Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein 1972Dracula Exotica 1980
Dracula Has Risen from the Grave 1968Dracula III: Legacy 2005
Dracula is Alive and Well and Living in London 1973 see The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1973Dracula Reborn 2012
Dracula Rising 1993Dracula Sucks 1978
Dracula the Impaler 2013Dracula vs. Frankenstein 1971
Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein 1972Dracula: Dead and Loving It 1995
Dracula: Prince of Darkness 1966Dracula: The Dark Prince 2000
Dracula’s Lust for Blood 1971 see Lake of Dracula 1971Dracula's Bride 1978 see Dracula Sucks 1978
Dracula's Curse 2006Dracula's Daughter 1936
Dracula's Dog 1978 see Zoltan, Hound of Dracula 1978Dracula's Fiancee 2002
Dracula's Last Rites 1980 see Last Rites 1980Dracula's Virgin Lovers 1973 see Count Dracula's Great Love 1973
Dracula's Widow 1988Drakolara 1992 see Ejacula La Vampira 1992
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night 2011Dynasty of Dracula 1980La Dinastia de Dracula 1980 see Dynasty of Dracula 1980


Ejacula La Vampira 1992El Callejón 2011 see Blind Alley 2011
El Extraño Amor de los Vampiros 1975 see The Strange Love of the Vampires 1975El Gran Amor del Condo Dracula 1973 see Count Dracula's Great Love 1973
El Retorno del Hombre Lobo 1981 see The Night of the Werewolf 1981El Vampiro de la Autopista 1970 see The Horrible Sexy Vampire 1970
Emanuelle vs. Dracula 2004Embrace of the Vampire 1995
Embrace of the Vampire 2013Embrace the Darkness 1999
Embrace the Darkness 2 - 2002Embrace the Darkness 3 - 2002
Empress Vampire 2012 see Aleta: Vampire Mistress 2012Empusa 2010
The Erotic Ghost 2001The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula 2001
An Erotic Vampire in Paris 2002Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills 2015
Erotikill 1975Eternal 2004
Eternal Blood 2002Evil of Dracula 1974
Evil of Dracula 1974Exit 38 - 2006


Fangs of the Living Dead 1969Fascination 1979
Fear Girls 2000The Fearless Vampire Killers 1967
A Feast of Flesh 2007Female Vampire 1975
Ferat Vampire 1982Fiancee of Dracula 2002 see Dracula's Fiancee 2002
Fist of the Vampire 2007Flesh for the Beast 2003
Der Fluch der Schwarzen Schwestern 1973 see Devil's Plaything 1973Forrest of the Damned 2006 see Demonic 2006
The Forsaken 2001Freedom Seekers 1970 see Bloodsuckers 1970
Fright Night 1985Fright Night 2011
Fright Night 2 - 2013From Dusk Til Dawn 1996
Frost: Portrait of a Vampire 2003


Getting My Brother Laid 2001 see My Brother the Vampire 2001The Ghouls 2003
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 2014Girl with the Hungry Eyes 1995
Goliath and the Vampires 1961Gothic Vampires from Hell 2007
Graf Dracula in Oberbayern 1979 see Dracula Blows His Cool 1979Grave Desires 1974 see Vampire's Night Orgy 1974
Grave of the Vampire 1974Graveyard Shift 1987 see Central Park Drifter 1987
The Great Love of Count Dracula 1973 see Count Dracula's Great Love 1973G-String Vampire 2005
Guess What Happened to Count Dracula 1971Gypsy Vampire: The Final Bloodlust 2005


Habit 1995Hannah, Queen of the Vampires 1973 see Crypt of the Living Dead 1973
Haunting Desires 2006Hell's Bloody Devils 1970
Hemo 2011Hollywood Vampyr 2002
Horrible Sexy Vampire, The 1970The Horror from Beyond 1965 see Blood Thirst 1965
Horror of Dracula 1958The Horror Within 2005
Hot Vampire Nights 2000House of Blood 2006
How to Slay a Vampire 1995The Hunger 1983
Hunted 2012 see Rufus 2012


I Am Virgin 2010I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle 1990
I Desire 1982 see Desire, the Vampire 1982I Dream of Dracula 2003
I Kissed a Vampire 2010Il Cav. Costante Nicosia Demonico, Ovvero: Dracula in Brianza 1975 see Young Dracula 1975
Immortally Yours 2009Inbred Redneck Vampires 2004
Incense for the Damned 1970 see Bloodsuckers 1970Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire 2012
Innocent Blood 1992Insatiable, The 2006
Interview With the Vampire 1994Irish Vampire in Hollywood, An 2013
The Ironbound Vampire 1997


Jiang Shi Yi Sheng 1990 see Doctor Vampire 1990Jitters, The 1989
Joe Vampire 2012John Carpenter's Vampires 1998 see Vampires 1998
Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey 1994


Killer Barbys vs. Dracula 2002Kiss Me If You Dare 2002
Kiss My Blood 1998Kiss of the Damned 2012
Kiss of the Vampire 1999Kiss of the Vampire 2009 see Immortally Yours 2009
The Kiss of the Vampire 1963
Kyûketsu Shôjo tai Shôjo Furanken 2009 see Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl 2009